In 1993, popular music culture was forever changed
when two brothers from Bakersfield, CA joined Power
106 in Los Angeles. The most authoritative show on the
radio, The Baka Boyz radio program, “Friday Night
Flavas”, contributed to the rise of hip hop in Los Angeles,
bringing it from depths of late-night programming to the
light of mainstream radio and the coveted morning show
One of the most naturally talented entertainers on the
radio, the Baka Boyz, Eric and Nick V, owe their success
to hard work and a true passion for music that started at
a very early age. Their father would take them to
professional gigs long before they could even drive and
invested in their equipment, realizing early on that their
talent was more than a hobby. Nick started DJing when
he was only 12 years old and quickly garnered a
reputation as a “Wonderkid DJ from Bakersfield”.
Together, Eric and Nick V. garnered popularity for their
fast talk, natural improv skills and, of course, their live
Under the reign of the Baka Boyz, Power 106 in Los
Angeles became the mecca for upcoming artists and
where international acts such as Cypress Hill, Ice Cube,
B.E.P, Jay Z, Wu Tang, P. Diddy, Biggie Smalls and
Eminem were given their first shot. With Eric on the
turntables and Nick V manning the microphone, the
Baka Boyz dominated the industry almost overnight.
The Baka Boyz pushed the boundaries of standard radio
programming with their raw talent and gave birth to “The
World-Famous Roll Call”, And the “Cali Caliente Power
Mix Weekend”.
From producing and remixing classic tracks to hosting
nationally syndicated hit programs, the Baka Boyz have
established themselves as radio royalty; their
groundbreaking contribution to popular music culture
continues with their pop mixshow, The All-Star Hitmix,
and the long running Hip-Hop Mastermix syndicated to an
unprecedented 60 major markets. The Mastermix is the
most influential and the most syndicated urban show in
America, dominating an overwhelming 100 radio stations.
Their audience now tops over 3 million listeners weekly!
The Baka Boyz influence expanded way past their
expertise as DJs when they remixed Grammy nominated
Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”. The Baka Boyz
also remixed T-Pain and Ne-yo’s “Turn All the Lights On”,
J. Cole’s “Work Out”, The Offspring’s “Pretty Fly for a
White Guy”, and Beyonce’s “Love on Top”. And, their
west coast classic “Pistol Grip Pump” was covered by
Rage Against the Machine.